Hair And Make-Up Tips To Look Stunning In Castle Anniversary Party

Are you hitting an anniversary party at castle this weekend? Females will surely be worried about how to look like a showstopper. Who doesn’t like to grab everyone’s attention at party? Following the footsteps of Hollywood stars, like Scarlett Johansson and Emma Watson, is the secret temptation that grows in every female’s heart. So, here we have some really worthy hair and make-up tips for anniversary party at castle:

1. Have fun with bun: If you have rough, dry and thin hair, choose bun for hair ado. What all you have to do is to tie your hair together at the back and wrap them in a beautiful bun. You will look stylish as well as classy if you keep two layers of hair loosely flying from each side and let them kissing your cheeks. Blush your cheek with pink and paint your lips with natural pink or darker pink lip colour. Swipe a layer of mascara on lashes and get ready to outshine. This hair ado and make up will suit with any gown or dress.

2. Curls with a chic gown: Curly hair is in and capable of elaborating more sophisticated looks if you carry them with derby hat. Of course, it’s derby hat that can define you a stunner at the anniversary party in exclusive rental castle. Wear any darker or lighter lip shade with a little bit of gloss. Put on darker shadow matching to your dress colour with a touch up of mascara for dramatic eyes. Flaunt your gorgeous feminine side in style thereafter.

3. Try flat hair ado: Castle party in Scotland is no less than an imperial get together. If you want to showcase your best sophisticated look, iron your hair for flat and silky hair ado. It will glimpse you sassy in untied hair. Put on orange, pink or any lip colour shade that can suit you. Put on cocktail dress or sheath to look your best.

4. Lacy gown with wavy hair: Scotland castle anniversary party will have lots of striking beauties. If you want to resemble truly a diva among them, pick the gown with laces and create light waves in your hair, especially at the lower ends. Glide liner and get your lashes covered with dark mascara. Make your lips radiant with the blast of brick red, vampy violet, or orange shade for radiant look.

5. Make braid to match with mermaid gown: Mermaid gown can be paired up with the French braid. Stud it with flowers. Keep you make up neutral. Go for darker eyes and nude lips. Wear gloss on lips. You will surely win scores of compliments in a jiffy.

5 Best Female Looks For Castle Anniversary Party


Memorable Castle Wedding In Scotland

castle wedding

Scottish Castle Wedding

Dreams are far beyond reality. But still, we all dream. When it comes to wedding, hundreds of dreams begin to line-up in the eyes of the dreamer. Under bright sunshine, she/he appears lost in the fantasy land. Being a wedding organizer at Craigrownie Castle, I have been trying to make those imaginations real.

The last wedding ceremony, that I had to convert into gala eve, was a challenge for me. I had to use the same set-up of the castle as it was. Here, creativity is to be called. I kept on spinning and rejecting so many ideas for the 2 or 3 days. In doing this, I deleted so many drafts of the crafts on my laptop. Since I am freaky for fairy tales, I have a good collection of fairy tales in CDs. What appears in animation is more like an illusion. But I had to bring that illusion in real shape. Anyhow, i gave a touch-up to the upcoming castle wedding in Scotland. Theme was to be resembled clearly.

As you have seen Cindrella’s chariot in story books or in videos, I called for a chariot. Silver, golden and copper colors were appearing so glittery at it. Beautiful flowers and leaves were designed at its door for giving ‘picture perfect’ hue when the bride would de-board it. When it happened in real, the bride rubbed her eyes so many times and even, pinched her arms to realize ‘It Was Real’. The chariot-man was holding the bridle and two at the entrance were standing with dressed up in tuxedo and perfume in their hands. One stretched his gloved hand to take her off the chariot amid countless flashes of the camera. The other was sprinkling fragrance. The bride was ramping on the red carpet which was covered with the sheet of rose petals.

Inside the rental castle, exclusive settings were waiting for all. Every eye was winking many times to believe on the scene that was before them. Darkness was brightened by so many lanterns, as is in the animated movie ‘Tangled’. I hung them with the string from the ceiling. The pale brightness was heart-winning. The caramel cake had stars, moon, flowers in between which a dancing couple was set in. Gifts were wrapped in hand-crafted bags. Colourful tulle was tucked at every chair. The tables for the guests were lit with the candle. And each had a bowl filled with rose water. Floating petals and candles were giving stunning look.

As the bride and groom said ‘I Do’, the petal began to shower over them from both sides. Chandelier and lamp shades were switched on and off as if they are matching the claps of all.

This is how I gathered a huge round of applause from all the guests. But my best reward was the compliment that I received from the bride and the groom. It was ‘WE WANT TO MARRY AGAIN. WILL YOU DO IT AGAIN?’ I blushed and smiled with teary eyes.

Are Castles Unparalleled Venues for Anniversary Party?

Anniversary Party

Can we ever have celebration matching to fairy tales? What we all seek to have? It is nothing but happiness. Grabbing joy in our fist fuels us to live on. Bliss can never be yours with chunks of gold coins. But a bouquet of beautiful roses can gift you smile which you can have free of cost. This concludes how significantly this happiness comes out as a healer to your soul.

Parties for birthday, anniversary and any other occasion create a reason to have a sip of happiness and burst out stress. Inarguably, the company of close ones and family members has its share in the same sip. If you have the night out at castle hen party or stag party, the beauty of the place strikes profoundly.  It becomes frequent supplier of joy forever. Scottish anniversary party at castle aligns awesome memories for the life time. What a great moment that would be when a lovely surprise waits for you at the castle where your Scottish castle wedding took place years ago!

Hitting similar venue for partying itself states that the place carries specialty as well as class. The castle achieves permanency as the most preferable choice because of its striking settings and comfort zone.  What drags you to it, have its look:

  1. Privacy offers intimacy: Each setting of castle has sophistication. Finery catches eyeballs towards its details. The spacious venue leaves you alone with your close ones to share precious time. All meet such comfort level where you sit, relax and exchange your talks with one another.
  2. Knows what your heart wants: A castle does house outstanding settings. Alongside, it takes away your soul offering everything at the very place where you feel comfort. Library, chandelier-lit pathways, reception rooms, ball room and so on belong just to you and your guests. You are the master of your heart there. Drink, play, read or rest, you are free to entertain self.
  3. For dining, choice is yours: The menu for buffet or lunch or breakfast is garnished to serve only after asking to you. From elegant dining rooms to the expansive lush green, all are trimmed where you can dine with your guests as it’s your party.
  4. Nature serves food for eyes: Blossoms-laden vegetables, orchids, long stretch greenery, mountains, unseen fauna and above all, Loch are the best foods that any pair of eyes looks for. You can live your evening in complete intimacy with nature.

How to Host a Mystery Murder?

Step 1: Invite Guests (Number of guests: 15 to 20)

Step 2: How to do murder mystery preparations?

  • Enlist guests
  • Send invitation letters
  • Plot a murder
  • Script roles
  • Send script to guests
  • Set theme
  • Games
  • Costumes

Step 3: Drop clues to all with some instructions.

Step 4: Encounter these at Murder Mystery Party?

  • Fun factor
  • Funny bones
  • Stock of laughter
  • Wolf in lambs’ clothing
  • Spinning of rumour mill
  • Swirl of intrigues
  • Spying
  • Pretenders
  • Liars
  • Murder
  • Food, music and drinks

Step 5: Spin murder

  • By dropping clues
  • By eavesdropping
  • By questioning
  • By conspiring
  • By playing money
  • By blackmailing

Step 6: Raise toast in honour of the mystery buster.


What you do is to lend your ears and your wisdom before stepping into the most exciting murder mystery party. This is a unique concept of meeting fun factor amid deceit in the very much knowledge of all. This concept is very much famous in Scotland, the US and many more European countries. With 15 to 20 guests, this mystery murder will have eavesdropping, spying, intriguing, playing money and rumour mills to let it spin. But first, you have to send the theme through invitation letters for the same to all guests. There, you can witness the wolves in lambs’ clothing. While socializing and sharing food and music, conspiracy seems soaring high and the friends will behave like idols of cunningness. Finally, the murder mystery gets solved and the accolades are showered over the one who weaves all clues together to crack the assassination.

How to Overload Hen Night with Fun?

Hen Party

Planning for hen party with marriage ahead? Let’s do something girly a week ahead of your marriage. Craving for real fun bytes never goes off easily. One finds those moments of amusement as complete blast in fun within short run. If you are a party animal, you may taste it usual. But for occasional party busters, it is promise that you would never want to run out of this hooking experience.

Hen nights in Scotland are no more restricted to cocktail, buzzing & eating. The girly weekend wants to have more than that. Marriage unfolds a completely new chapter in your life. You ought to call your close one females to bachelorette party for spending few hours of intimacy. Let you all date with dance and if innovation is your cup of tea, make inclusion of arts & crafts sure. Go witchy while crafting some DIY tricks as fixing tiaras & hairpins. Don’t unclose but keep these hen party secrets.

How is it if your hen party ideas are to match with French style? It would surely workout magical in getting in to French glamping within Scottish border. But be sure that all your invited bachelorettes would be ready burst into camping while adding glamour. And if you want music as filler, switch it on inside the camp & lip-sync with the playing songs. What an amazing feeling that would be under which you all will be gripped! Your heart will start missing a beat over this gaga happening.

Stylish hen weekends in Scottish castle offer you an over dose of sophisticated style, class & extravagance. Alongside, your close pals & you (as bachelorette) will have blast in fun together in this girly affair.  The castle takes care of everything. Your sleep, your dance, your recreation, its caterers are well versed of how to dine & serve their guests in pampering style. From spa, manicure, pedicures & reflexology to dining options, the castle’s service is incredible.

Want to rehear dance steps pre-wedding, or, want to be master of foot tapping on musical beats- you are free bird here. And for your company, all your companion hens are ready to give you free dancing tips. You can’t go wrong with cocktails here as hen party secrets are unrevealed. Even, the stars go for such exclusive hen night out pre wedding in the same style.

Dressed at your best & laden with beautiful accessories, WOW, this thought makes all attendants crazy!  Be either cat walker or the showstopper, it’s your wish. After all, it is castle’s serenity & freshness that want you all to intervene with your laughter, hooting, whistling, dancing, singing & more.

If you want it truly hilarious, then call your nutty pals to crack jokes. Where there are best buddies, time wears wings but how to coax heart that desires not to miss its nano second.

Try the aforesaid tricks & look out how the fun goes on blooming & popping you. Besides, plan your night with what special your heart wants to do, remember, it’s only for you hens!

My In-style Scottish Castle Wedding

Scottish castle weddingWith closed lids, I used to plan my dream wedding. Beautiful ideas began to toss in me since the day my big-day was fixed. “I’ll do this, I’ll do that”, countless thoughts started galloping in my mind. I wanted my gown, my hair, my makeup, my guests and catering to be done in perfection but wherein? It was a big puzzle for me. Dilemma about the wedding venue gripped my head. I rang numerous calls to my closed & dear ones. And finally, I found my no feet on ground when I saw the winsome Craigrownie Castle online. It clicked to my heart; delighted, I was.  Taking deep sigh, I thanked almighty for granting my wish to wed like a queen.

Anyhow, that special day did not fade away from my eyes when Craigrownie Castle’s elegance was at peak. Idyllic surrounding of the loch long, the Isle of Arran & the Firth of Clyde, the hills of Cowal peninsula & the mountain of Argyll at the backdrop were very much there to greet me. How can I miss the smile of serenity! However, the wedding planner did outstanding job catering his expertise all together.  Every bit and byte of the castle was proper, floral & perfect to look prosper. Its magnificence seemed as if it had done the makeup of a fantasyland. All guests were doing nothing but gluing & admiring its imperial beauty.

Flowers, long piper, full pipe band, Scottish Ceilidh bands & other musical entertainment were welcoming not only me and my fiancée but also the guests. Photographer was flashing camera for snapshots one after another from every possible angle. Words seem small when I looked myself in the mirror. On every face & eye, I could vividly see ‘wow’, ‘stunning’ & ‘oomph’ while looking at me in gorgeous silky white wedding gown. Firework & recreational activities brought the notorious everyone ‘out’. Wedding cake, catering & concierge services of it was exceeding the excellence.

This exciting blend of splendor & heritage, superb food & outstanding service were unique intimate experience on my Big-day. What more should I say as I am speechless….